An integrated RIS system that does more so you can do less.

A dynamic freestanding radiology practice demands a state-of-the-art means of scheduling appointments in a way that is beneficial to managers and patients alike. Zotec’s Z-fficient RIS, a module that is fully integrated with the company’s popular Electronic Billing Center suite of products (EBC), manages patient flow to maximize the resources of any radiology practice.

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Wash your hands of frustrating billing problems and clean up your claims with the EBC.

Utilizing the Electronic Billing Center (EBC), lost labor hours processing secondary claims, correcting inaccurate hospital data, and the frustration of being forced to work with third-party vendors for claim submission and print mail services are a thing of the past.

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One size does not fit all, customized options to fit your practice.

Whether you decide to license our software, access it through our ASP model or choose to outsource your accounts receivable entirely, our solutions will help you reduce labor, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

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Integrated scheduling software that makes your life easier.

A busy, dynamic practice demands a state-of-the-art means of scheduling appointments in a way that is beneficial to doctor and patient alike. Zotec’s Appointment Scheduler, a module that is fully integrated with the company’s popular Electronic Billing Center (EBC), manages patient flow to maximize the resources of any practice.

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Online, real-time meaningful reports with the EBC Manager.

Manage by the numbers. The EBC Manager is the most detailed and meaningful management tool in the industry, allowing access to real-time reports and graphs of your key benchmarks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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Every product and service offered by Zotec was designed with one primary objective – to make YOUR operation more efficient and productive. And we don't stop there. We're constantly probing, updating and working hard to ensure that you have the latest technology at your disposal. We realize that you operate in a dynamic environment. So Zotec's products and services are designed to help you keep ahead of the curve!

Take a few moments to explore our innovative suite of products by clicking on the links below. Learn more about our flagship billing and practice management software, The Electronic Billing Center (EBC), as well as it's online, highly-affordable ASP version. See how you can bring your practice into the 21st Century with ChartzOnline, Zotec's popular new medical record imaging service that frees you from the inefficiencies and liabilities of paper patient records.

As you are browsing, don't forget to also take a look at our "Client Profile" section on the "People" page and see what your peers are saying about the state-of-the-art products and services from Zotec!

A simple mouse click provides immediate access to images of patients insurance cards, EOBs, superbills, prior authorizations and other documents. This critical information is at your staff's fingertips when patients, physicians or payers call!

Automated Claims Follow-Up. The EBC knows when to refile, when to notify a guarantor that their insurance hasn’t paid, when to send the charge to a workfile for user intervention and when to write-off or send the charge to collections. The EBC’s automated claims follow-up minimizes user involvement and drives ONLY the charges requiring intervention to the user’s attention so there’s assurance of appropriate and timely follow-up. Built-in audit trails provide a record of events impacting each charge.

Automated Secondary Claims Processing. With scanned EOB’s, even secondary claims processing becomes a snap because the imaged EOB is automatically printed whenever secondary claims are processed. Never again is it necessary to pull and copy an EOB!

Productivity and Cost Monitoring. Specialized reports are available to help you monitor the effectiveness and productivity of each staff member. When productivity is being tracked, staff is motivated to improve output. Tracking features also serve as a tool to determine the time and costs involved in handling the billing for different providers or locations. The EBC tracks the length and reason for phone calls, number of charges, payments and write-offs entered, number of claims filed, data accuracy and much more!

The EBC–the foundation on which to build your practice or company.

The Electronic Billing Center (EBC) is the foundation of our revenue-enhancing products. It is the most stable Windows NT® product on the market, and has handled millions of transactions throughout numerous specialities across the nation. This powerful software is designed specifically to accomplish better patient care, enhance workflow management, eliminate unnecessary labor, track productivity and get cash in the door.

The software is now in use in 36 states, representing over 750 billing users and 3,500 physicians. Its use is growing rapidly because it provides extremely accurate claims processing and aggressive client and carrier-defined follow-up on submitted claims using specific tools integrated into the software.

How it works

Zotec provides a wide array of billing services through its EBC software. An office can either manage its billing process over the Web with the EBC or just scan the billing source documents and have Zotec accomplish the billing. In either case, our primary concern is to maximize revenues for any medical practice and keep the process as clean as possible.

The EBC provides:
Integrated Document Imaging. Billing documents and payment records (EOB's) are scanned via a 128bit encrypted UPN connection from any location and linked electronically and directly to a patient’s account. Document imaging eliminates mailing delays, courier expenses and risk of data loss or exposure. Most importantly, there’s no more wasted time on filing and pulling documentation when doing claims follow-up.

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It costs about $9 every time a doctor pulls a paper chart, which is often incomplete (Time, April 23, 2001). With ChartzOnline, that same cost is less than $1, and the physician is assured of a complete record. Incredible time and dollars are saved by eliminating filing time and space, and records are secure and reproducible to satisfy HIPAA requirements.

With instant access to electronic records, your prescription refills, on-call duty and returning phone calls to patients and referring physicians can be handled much more efficiently. And, charts can be viewed from multiple locations via a handheld device, laptop or PC! In addition, select pages can be printed in preparation for the patient visit.

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Claims Edits. When a charge is entered into the EBC our proprietory edit engine performs an analysis on that charge for that specific carrier, for that type of service, etc. This front-end scrubbing ensures the clean claims go out the door and the ones requiring attention are held in a workfile for correction.

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ChartzOnline saves time money, and intra-office confusion

Zotec’s latest product, ChartzOnline, converts paper medical records to an electronic format, providing secure Internet access for all patient charts.

More importantly, ChartzOnline doesn't mandate that a provider change the way he/she practices medicine, as other template-based systems do. In fact, ChartzOnline is so doctor-friendly, it can be customized in a multi-doctor environment to suit each doctor's particular style.

EZ Med Portal — an innovative and efficient online communication module for the medical industry

Revolutionize the way your business interacts with patients and doctors. Zotec’s advanced web-enabled product, EZ Med Portal opens a dialog with everyone involved in a medical encounter to create more effective interaction.

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